About LinkWP

Some of you may know me from WPin.me my old website about WordPress. Well, that sites moved on from WordPress now and it’s turned into a fun site for me to work on in my spare time. I always intended to come back to WordPress at some point and that point for me is now.

I wanted to build something useful

There’s so much news on WordPress due to its popularity, it’s hard to keep track of it all in truth. So I thought to myself, why not create a bookmarking site, others can submit content to, along with me?

That way LinkWP can serve up great content to those that have missed it or are totally new to WordPress looking for fresh resources. So to that end that’s how LinkWP came about.

It’s a bookmarking site for WordPress content sure, however, it should serve as a resource for those looking at all things WordPress.

Signing up is easy

It’s a doddle in truth, just head on over to the submit content page here. If you have an account already you can submit content, if not it takes two minutes to sign up!

All articles are set to draft upon submission, I aim to check the post for quality and see if it’s worthy of a mention. If it is I hit the go-live switch and it’s out there.

Don’t forget to vote!

Very important this one, articles submitted need votes, the more votes (if the submission is good enough) the higher it will be shown in the specific category. So once you’ve submitted your content, don’t forget to share it on the socials, and get votes!

Votes count on LinkWP & so do you

Cannot stress this enough. Without votes and you this site would be nothing, so please, please remember to upvote/downvote content you think is worthwhile. Users who do not vote on other articles and just keep submitting will see their account banned and all content removed.

The end

Thanks for reading the about page, I’m sure I will be adding to it in the future. Don’t forget you can reach me on Twitter here, or my Facebook page here.

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