LinkWP Has A Different Look Hope You Enjoy

I’ve switched out the theme that was running LinkWP; I’m now using the Chipmunk theme. Why? It’s lighter weight and purely for curation of content. Meaning users such as yourselves can find exciting articles easier.

Those who submit should have an easier time; you now have your very own dashboard, complete with posts you’ve sent, the status they are at. As well as being able to view bookmarks and your upvotes.

I’m trying to keep things simple here on LinkWP, so by making the changeover, hopefully, you’ll have an easier time and submit more useful content for other users.

More features will be added over time, but here’s a few you might like:

  • Dashboard – view upvotes, bookmarks and status of posts submitted
  • Bookmark – save an article you like the look of and access it via your dashboard

The downside to the change

Unfortunately, as a result of the change vote counts have been reset along with page views of the articles submitted. For this I can only apologise, I hope the new look goes someway to make up for it.

If you’ve got some awesome WordPress related content, please do send it over to me on LinkWP. you can submit posts here.

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